Children join our well-established Prep school in Year 3; at the beginning of Key Stage 2. Some move over from Pre-Prep in the Red House and others join from other schools to enjoy a high-quality Prep education, some with choristerships. Prep is housed in the beautiful and historical Main School & Old School buildings on Deangate. Pupils’ introduction to the Prep Department is handled carefully and sensitively to allow them to adjust to their new surroundings. For the first two years of Prep, the familiar setting of a class led by their own form teacher, allows the children to settle in, whilst subject specialist teaching gradually increases.

Prep school is open from 8am but the day formally begins at 8:55am with school assembly in the Old School Hall. Lessons begin at 9:20 and continue, with a morning break, until 1pm. Afternoon lessons begin again at 2pm, although on two afternoons each week these take the form of organised sports coaching. There are more opportunities to join in with group musical activities and many pupils opt for individual instrumental tuition within school. Formal lessons end at 4pm. Those staying beyond this time are offered a light tea. After school activity options are exciting and diverse. Free supervised ‘prep’ (homework) is another option, led by the duty member of staff. The school day ends at 5:20pm. Choristers follow the same timetable as all other pupils, though their programme before and after school is different.