Our Four Houses

Like Harry Potter we have four amazing school Houses, which bond our pupils in good-natured competitiveness to promote loyalty, teamwork and philanthropy.

All four are named after accomplished characters in history who have a special meaning to both the school and York Minster.

Paulinus – of York is a saint. The first Bishop of York in 625AD, this learned Roman Missionary founded The Minster School York, showing we have a long history of first-class teaching.

Alcuin – Flaccus Albinus Alcuin was a student of Archbishop Ecgbert at York. This highly learned man has gone down in history for being one of England’s first leading scholars and teachers, and a skilled poet and clergyman to boot.

De Grey – Walter de Grey was Archbishop of York from 1215 to 1255, an esteemed Lord Chancellor under King John, and is entombed at York Minster. 

Duncombe – a visionary Dean of York in the 1850s, Augustus William Duncombe created Duncombe Place, the beautiful promenade that allows visitors delightful views of York Minster.