Homework ‘prep’ & Afterschool Clubs

Our school is such fun that many pupils don’t want to go home when lessons are over. They stay to take part in one of the many after-school activities that are on offer. Others may opt to stay for ‘prep’.

Afterschool, pupils can sign into prep (‘preparation’) – our free supervised homework club where our students can complete their work, until 5.20pm each evening. A chance for pupils to get organised with homework, this club also benefits parents and carers who need to get to school from work or have other commitments.

There is also a diverse list of extra-curricular activities our pupils and their parents can select from, free or minimally charged if run by our staff, or for an extra charge from external providers.

These popular offerings, which are first come first served with priority for outgoing Year 8s, range from STEM Club to Yoga to Drama in a local professional theatre, and some offerings can lead to an extra qualification.

Traditionally, our Year 8s attend the local Riding Lights Theatre Group and star in an end-of-term performance over three nights, where the standards reached are astonishing. Spectacular past performances of Wind in the Willows and The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe have dazzled audiences. 

Pupils staying for prep or activities are given a light snack at 4pm before activities begin at 4:15pm. At 5:20pm the member of staff running the activity will send pupils to prepare for going home. All pupils should be collected at this time and the member of staff on duty will close the school at 5:30pm once all pupils have departed.