Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE)

Personal, Social & Health Education is where pupils have opportunities to explore all sorts of real-world issues likely to affect their lives today and in the future. This subject also encompasses Citizenship and British Values. Learning is exploratory and discursive, encouraging debate and reflection. Fascinating visitors with a special perspective or expertise to offer on a particular topic, or area of study, are often invited in to enliven these lessons. 

Current, real life issues are explored in an age-appropriate way. In Pre-Prep, these lessons for life are interwoven within classwork but, in Prep, each class has one dedicated lesson per week. Pupils learn about their growing bodies and how to stay both physically and mentally healthy. 

Pupils also learn about the opportunities and dangers that life may present them with, in a calm and informed way. Staff members are careful not to impose their own views, and whilst guided to explore both sides of an issue, PSHE is very much pupil led.