Music is what we do best and the bar is set very high

Our pupils have a formidable and enviable record of success in achieving music scholarships to senior schools. We aim to imbue students with a lifelong love of music and an enthusiasm for performance, achieving excellent results along the way. Many pupils achieve Grade 8 in their chosen instrument/s before they leave us and go on to reach lofty musical heights at senior school and university.

All pupils receive weekly class music lessons from our passionate Music Director. In Pre-Prep, pupils are introduced to music from all over the world, with weekly class-singing sessions and instrumental, percussion and music & movement lessons. Class work encompasses performing, listening and composing from an early age. Years 3, 4 and 5 are members of the school’s Junior Choir, frequently singing in York Minster and other historical venues.

In Prep, 90% of our pupils play at least one musical instrument, receiving weekly lessons from one of our 14 visiting instrumental teachers; many of whom are professional musicians. 

There is a choir, an orchestra, two string orchestras, two wind bands and many chamber ensembles. All pupils are regularly involved in performances, including the school’s Carol and Harvest Festival services in York Minster, and termly school concerts. Regular informal concerts allow pupils to celebrate their progress with family members. This involves pupils just beginning an instrument through to our grade 7 and 8 students, who often play longer, more accomplished pieces, from memory. Pupils are very supportive of each other’s musical journeys. Visitors often comment that musical standards across the school are astonishing.