Religious Education

As York Minster’s school, religion is on our doorstep and faith is one of our important values. We study a wide variety of religions so that our pupils examine the diversity of beliefs that exist in the world. Pupils learn RE in weekly lessons throughout the school. Through the RE curriculum, our young people develop an understanding of why faith is such an important part of many people’s lives and contrast different religious beliefs and practices. Equally, pupils are taught to respect people who do not have faith, and that is explored and discussed.

For our younger pupils, in Pre-Prep, we work to develop understanding, tolerance and respect for others, and understand the value of living in a multi-faith and multicultural society with the positive diversity of faith, culture and languages that brings.   

By Prep, and in conjunction with the cultural learning that takes place in languages, our pupils have a deep understanding of the diverse and fascinating belief systems from around the world. We help pupils develop an understanding of what constitutes worship and what effects religion has on people’s everyday lives.