Promoting a lively interest in the changing world is key to our Geography curriculum. Geography helps young people develop an informed concern for the quality of the environment and its future, especially with inspiring young advocates for change in the media like Greta Thunberg. 

In Pre-Prep, topic-based Geography work is closely linked to other aspects of the curriculum. In Years 3 – 8, the interaction of people with their environment and the interdependence of societies in economically developing and developed countries is closely studied.

There is a continuing development of geographical skills including observation, mapping, decision-making and problem solving throughout school. Every year group learns outdoors in either Forest School or woodland settings, including the beautiful Snowball Plantation. Year 3 onwards is taught by a Geography specialist and pupils undertake land-use surveys. Year 7 pupils take part in a three-day residential field trip to do a river survey which allows them to push boundaries, develop confidence and apply their Geography skills in a real sense; finding their inner Bear Grylls.