Art is valued. Visitors often exclaim at the high quality of the artwork proudly displayed throughout the school. By introducing pupils to a wide range of media and techniques, staff seek to develop creative imagination through a combination of directed study and experimentation.

We develop students’ practical and creative skills, as well as a love of Art History. The department is a fluid, relaxed space where pupils develop independence, perseverance and self-confidence. Students learn to observe, record and communicate, visually, using a wide range of materials and media, including sketching, sculpture and printing. Pupils are artists; each keeping a sketchbook to record observations and plan project work. Our young people are encouraged to experiment and take risks with their work. Mistakes can be positives, and finding solutions requires key problem-solving skills, which often lead to an inventive and original use of materials.

In Years 1 and 2, pupils work in a dedicated art room with a skilled Pre-Prep teacher. From Year 3 onwards, Art is taught by a specialist artist, in a well-equipped, dedicated art studio. Art is sometimes jointly timetabled with Design Technology to allow for focussed, small group work.

Higher up the school, topics and themes are introduced through the work of great artists, with pupils encouraged to develop critical awareness and to express their own ideas, thoughts and experiences through the creative process. The results are often stunning, and the school has an impressive record of success with pupils gaining art scholarships, as a result. 

Artists studied include: Monet, Kandinsky, Hokusai, Lowry, Van Gogh, Giacometti, Chagall and Dubuffet.