Our new £60K state-of-the art Science laboratory allows us to create Science leaders of the future. New innovative equipment and a wider selection of chemicals has allowed us to revise and enhance the curriculum, competing with secondary school Science offerings. 

There is a strong emphasis on the practical carrying-out of experiments. Across all three Sciences, pupils are empowered to learn through doing, to maintain curiosity, enthusiasm and enjoyment, and to become experts. Our small group sizes allow for detailed discussion work and develop problem-solving skills.

Pupils are taught by their class teachers from Nursery to Year 3 as a timetabled cross-curricular subject, linked to the over-arching theme for the term. From Year 4 onwards, our young people study Science with one of our two specialist teachers. Science lessons for Years 3 to 8 pupils are taught in our impressive new Science lab with innovative equipment including a fume cupboard. 

Science Weeks during the school year, involve focused field trips, visits from scientists and attendance at workshops. Pupils participate in local Science competitions with notable successes. 

The aim of our Science teaching is to develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills, and to relate these to everyday experiences. All three scientific disciplines are covered in the course of the year, through a unified teaching curriculum.

To complement our impressive Science offering is a popular STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) club, offered as an optional afterschool activity.