Reception children develop their understanding of numbers and shapes through practical, hands on tasks using concrete materials, puzzles and games to make Maths fun, challenging and rewarding. As they progress through Years 1 and 2, Maths sessions become more formal, using mental maths strategies; embedding times tables and number bonds. Moving into Year 3, pupils continue to develop calculation strategies, alongside standard written methods, and a wider range of maths knowledge and problem-solving skills. 

Higher up in Prep, Maths is applied as a cross-curricular working tool, for example comparing rainfall in Bradford and Bombay to work out impacts to standards of living after sustained rainfall. Maths is also presented as fun; positively competitive through games and challenges, and as a subject everyone can access, and to a high standard. 

In Years 7 and 8, pupils are streamed on ability for one lesson per week to strengthen knowledge, or for specific scholarship exam preparation.

Great differentiated teaching gets good results to set our young mathematicians up for higher level Maths in secondary education. In each year group, pupils complete work above the standard expected for their age. We challenge and support each pupil to be the best mathematicians they can be.