Computer safety through safeguarding is always our first priority. Pupils use I-Pads, computers and other devices throughout their school journey, to prepare them for the real, technological world. We regularly update our technology offering so it is current and relevant. 

In younger year groups, devices are used within the classroom; using an I-Pad to practise correct letter formation in Reception, a laptop in Year 1 for research, or problem-solving on a Maths program. Basic coding is introduced early to embed skills to build on each year.

From Year 2 onwards, students are taught in our large, well-equipped IT suite. Work becomes increasingly complex as young people develop Computing skills, data handling and word processing, as well as web creation and HTML. Complex coding is taught to enable young IT experts to emerge.

Pupils have their own user areas on the school network and their own school email accounts, both of which can be accessed remotely from home.

For further information about staying safe online, read our Guidance for Safety Online.