Senior Schools & Scholarships

The Minster School York is the only Prep school in York that is not tied to another senior school. It is truly an “independent, independent”. You may not yet know where your 4-year-old should go for their senior education; you simply want an exceptional education that prepares them for a range of tomorrows. We pride ourselves in providing early opportunities to excel across a wide range of subjects, including Mandarin, where we are the only Prep school in York offering this exciting specialism. Our wide range of expertise often leads to scholarships across a variety of subjects.

Uniquely in our city, The Minster School York offers you freedom of choice and time to decide. As a small school – described by a parent as a village school in the heart of the city – we will know your child well enough to help you with those crucial next steps into senior education. We gently support and encourage our students through the admissions process, whether they complete a school’s own exam, Common Entrance, interview, scholarship, or join the state sector. Our pupils are always exceptionally well prepared to demonstrate their many talents.

Put simply, we provide a purposeful and positive education with high aspirations for our pupils’ next steps.

At the end of their time with us, pupils from The Minster School York move on to a wide range of schools both nearby and farther afield. These include Rugby, Shrewsbury, St. Peter’s, Bootham, Eton, Winchester, Ampleforth and Queen Margaret’s in the independent sector, plus Fulford, Tadcaster Grammar and All Saints, locally, in the state sector.