Welcome from the Head Teacher, Mrs Angela Mitchell

Appointed in September 2019, Mrs Angela Mitchell, Head Teacher of The Minster School York, explains why the school is unique:

“I feel enormously proud to be Head Teacher of this one-of-a-kind, historical and beautiful place of learning. The enthusiasm and energy is palpable as I walk the halls, glimpsing York Minster out of the windows.

There’s a dedicated team of passionate and talented staff who approach their jobs with such gusto, vim and vigour. This is further complemented by supportive, can-do parents, and a committed and qualified School Board and Governors. Together, it’s clear, we’re all devoted to creating a unique and empowering environment in which our young people can enjoy being scholars, now, and into the future.

As Head, I place the utmost importance on getting to know each young person to ensure they will be challenged and supported to aim high and achieve the very best they are capable of. I also place an emphasis on fun; positioning learning as an enjoyable pursuit, wherever possible. Young people learn best in a caring and nurturing environment, which we have here in abundance. Every day I look forward to arriving at work, where I encounter confident, polite and kind children across all year groups – quite simply a delight.

The learning journey at The Minster School York challenges our children to work hard, develop a lifelong love of learning and to strive for the highest standards. Particular academic strengths include music, languages and art, taught throughout the school journey by award-winning, subject-specialist teachers.

All our pupils are taught music by our talented Director of Music, nominated for awards for both her second-to-none teaching and outreach work. Many of our students choose to learn at least one instrument – but sometimes three – and also perform in one of our wide range of music ensembles, school choirs and orchestra. Concerts are regular features of school life with our young people quickly developing the confidence to play in front of an audience, preparing them well for future auditions. 48 out of our 180 or so pupils, are also choristers at York Minster.

As York Minster’s school, we are a hop, skip and a jump from the cathedral with unparalleled access to the wealth of learning resources and opportunities in the Minster and its wider Precinct. Our harvest festival, nativity play, Christmas Carol service and Speech Day all take place inside the Minster and our lucky pupils regularly take part in other special services and bespoke events.

As we don’t have our own senior school, our young people usually move to join senior schools at the start of Year 9. Our pupils apply to a wide range of schools for the next stage of their education. By the end of Year 8, we know each student exceptionally well and we support the whole family through the application process; with targeted preparation for entrance exams, Common Entrance and any scholarship applications. Our students typically go on to secure places at leading local senior schools such as St Peter’s, Ampleforth and Queen Margaret’s, as well as those further afield including Rugby, Eton and Shrewsbury. Our children have a superb track record of success in winning scholarships.

I am proud to lead a multi-faith school, committed to its Christian ethos, with a set of vision and values that celebrate our pupils’ skills, talents and individual personalities.

To consider The Minster School York for your child, please contact us on 01904 557230 or email school@yorkminster.org to arrange a visit. I would be delighted to meet you and show you exactly why our school is so special.”

Mrs Angela Mitchell